Gallery B 7700 Wisconsin Ave #E, Bethesda, MD 20814

phone: 301.215.7990   web:

Exhibition Dates: February 7 - March 3                           Gallery Hours: Wednesday – Saturday, 12pm-6pm 

It was a wonderful opening for our group US4, we are so excited for the great gathering we assembled and hope you enjoyed our art.

We would like to thanks all the wonderful old and new friends,

family and random visitors that came to the gallery.

Special thanks to Letizia dell'Erba for the wonderful cupcakes and sweets, Teavine drinks, Bill Saiff from NoirFlux for the Art Interaction

You all were essential to make it an amazing night. 


Nature is my primary inspiration because fleeting emotions and ephemeral states help me to seek for real interior freedom and create art that solidifies these moments and give them a more permanent presence.


The political nature of our time is the inspiration for the series "Resist."

To "Resist" the status quo by Not going with the flow, and Not wanting to normalize.

To "Resist" by getting informed, standing up, and rebelling if necessary.




In “Cosmology of Earth, Galactic Surf, a Blue Horse, and Heavens”, Earth is a part of a giant landscape of harmonic, hyper-dimensional architecture and we are the seekers surfing the galactic waves of creation and incarnation.

CONSTELLATIONS fascinate me, and I have used them as structures behind my abstractions.

© 2018  US4 

US4 ARTshow at GalleryB in Bethesda MD in February 20918

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